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24 Month STEM OPT Extension

Students who hold degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) may be eligible to apply for an additional 24 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT), for a total of 36 months of post-completion OPT. Only students who have completed degrees in a STEM designated field qualify for this extension.  You can locate your field of study as listed on your Form I-20.  If your field of study does not appear on this list, you are not eligible for a STEM extension. It might be possible to apply for the STEM extension based on a prior U.S. degree in a STEM field. That degree must have been conferred within the past 10 years by an SEVP-certified school that is currently accredited.

The RISD majors that are currently STEM-eligible are Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and Digital+Media. In addition to having completed a degree in a STEM field of study, you must have a job offer or be working for an employer registered with "E-Verify," a federal employment verification system and you and your employer must complete the Form I-983, Training Plan for STEM OPT students.  A guide to completing the I-983 can be found here under Employer Responsibilities and Obligations for STEM OPT.

Last Updated 03/22/2023

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