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We, the Office of International Student Services, believe it is our responsibility:

  • To be a secure point of contact for international students while studying at RISD

  • To ensure all international students get the most out of their time at RISD and beyond

  • To promote the development of the international student community

  • To advocate for the needs of the international student body


Herein, the OISS forum will be an additional tool in supporting international students studying at RISD, while developing a collaborative community within the student body itself. It is in the interest of the growth and fostering of community that we have delegated the following code of conduct unto all who participate in the online forum:

1. The online forum is designed to give students a direct line to the Office of International Student Services, as well build a community of support and awareness among incoming, current and former RISD international students.


2. Access to the online forum is based on students past or present academic status with RISD, and may be terminated at any time due to inappropriate conduct.


3. When participating in an online discussion it is important to consider the visibility of a discussion and what capabilities are provided for ongoing control of contributions to a discussion.


4. The content of online discussions on the forum are subject to deletion and removal if content fails to meet guidelines.


5. While it is encouraged that students participate in posts, it is expected that civility in discourse will be maintained.


6. Complaints about postings should be directed to OISS via email.


7. Inappropriate conduct of content is any content or comment that is derisive, indecent, and vulgar or has no clear purpose of offering other than to antagonize and degrade the community at large.


8. Students shall abstain from violating the privacy of fellow students, faculty or any other member of the RISD community.


9. Any violations of the code of conduct will be reported to the office of Student Affairs and be handled as such.

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