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How to Get an F-1 Visa

  1. Before you can get an F-1 visa to study at RISD, you must have RISD's form I-20.  You will receive the I-20 after you are accepted to RISD and reserve your place by making a deposit.

  2. You must also pay the I-901$350 SEVIS fee. Instructions will be given with your Form I-20. This fee is paid electronically. Retain the I-901 receipt after you pay the fee.

  3. Make your Visa Appointment. You may only apply for an F-1 visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate outside of the U.S., preferably in your own country.

You will need to present the following at your visa appointment:

  • RISD Form I-20

  • Valid passport

  • Letter of Acceptance to RISD

  • Declaration of Finances form and financial statement(s)

  • I-901 Payment Receipt

Check the website of your local Embassy / Consulate to determine if there are additional documents required to bring for your visa appointment and to view processing times.

All F-1 students must obtain an F-1 visa, with the exception of Canadian citizens.

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